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Whitsunday Islands Which Are The Best?

Tagesausflug zum Great Barrier Reef / Day trip...Image by gewitterhexer via FlickrThe Whitsunday Islands!
Which Are The Best?
Great question, as they are all unique in the very own way and truthfully it really just comes down to what you are searching for!
View the article below to see for yourself!

The Whitsundays - 74 Islands Out of The Blue
A showcase of Queensland's beautiful Whitsundays, 74 Islands in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef. Explore this incredible diversity from the bow of a sailboat... cruise through the islands and drop anchor for a quick snorkel and fall asleep at nig...

Article Holiday In the Whitsunday Coast by Great Barrier Reef Holidays

Planning a trip to Northeast Queensland? The coast? How about the Great Barrier Reef? It’s a World Heritage listed area – one of the most beautiful on Planet Earth. Maybe you’re thinking sailing? Or Scuba diving among that beautiful coral and fish that look like Nemo? Or just lying around looking down through that face mask, some simple snorkeling. 
Or are you’re a ‘beach person’? Whatever R & R you’ve got planned, Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and its surrounds will probably be able to provide it.

You’re probably thinking: “Yes, the coast’s great, but I’d like to get out to those islands. Which would suit me? I’m talking which I’d like best and what I can afford. Could I really get to see a lot of them? All of them? Surely not.

And what about the kids? Which places are suitable? Could I really make this holiday the best ever for them and my life partner?”

Lots of questions I know, but if planned correctly and armed with some great advice, you are more than half way there to your Holiday in the Whitsunday Coast.

This just may be the perfect holiday for you, yes, there off the Whitsunday Coast of Queensland, Australia.
So, please enjoy the content below. Follow the links to find more detailed descriptions to Holiday in the Whitsunday Coast Australia.

View original article here! Holiday in the Whitsunday Coast Australia!

To read the rest of this article and get access to information about all the Islands on the Whitsundays click the link above!

Blue Damselfish Whitsundays
Take a day trip with Cruise Whitsundays to Knuckle Reef and swim with schools of Blue Damselfish.

Cruise Whitsundays have a permanent floating pontoon on the Great Barrier Reef. A wonderful opportunity to dive or snorkel a coral reef and do some underwater photography.

Camera used: Canon Powershot D10.
Cruise Whitsundays operates from Abel Point Marina, Airlie Beach.

I hope you enjoyed my article Whitsunday Islands Which Are The Best? and the video above?
I guess most people would have to agree that the Whitsundays truly are stunning.
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