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March 22, hook island of Queensland, Australia, Whitsunday Wilderness

Welcome to the hook Island Queensland in Australia and not in the wilderness on the Whitsunday Coast.
It is very well known as being the second largest island in the Whitsundays and is covered in pristine National Park.
The island is approximately 53 km square with the highest point reaches 450 metres to peek Hook.

Hook is also a popular destination for many people who like to access ocean and reefs with minimum fuss, as you can snorkel and diving straight beach with many proposed destinations.

There are also a variety of off beaches private Crystal white for those who want a little privacy and isolation.
The island offers basic facilities very compared with the brothers and sister islands, but are worth much if you really want to live among the native Australian flora, fauna and eco blue ocean systems.

There is camping available on the island, but you must have a licence QPWS. You can find these sites of camp Bloodhorn beach and Maureen's cove.

"To learn more about camping on Hook island of Queensland, Australia and other Whitsunday Islands follow the link below".

Camping Whitsundays

The wilderness resort is quite wild and value even in this way. I would say it's not glamorous, but if that's what you are looking for, then you have come to the right place.

Currently it has 12 adjacent rooms join all the base with small bathrooms. But who knows at the time that you have read this it may have all changed and had a full upgrade.

Camping is also available at each end of the station with tents and dormitory already in place for budget travellers and backpackers.

Access the Wilderness resort here

The Hook Wilderness Resort island

There are walking trails everywhere on the island and national park.
Maps are available at the resort to the counter audit.

Recommended hiking trails to take is the way to the Bay of butterfly. The Bay itself was named because of its remarkable outline and Butterfly found throughout Bay and the beach.

Wildlife can be found everywhere with a huge variety of sea birds, parrots, lizards, fish, turtles, soft and hard corals, and even the occasional whale!

Reef Explorer: Reef Explorer is a boat semi submersible that fits up to 52 passengers. This tour is ideal for those who want the views of coral and marine life in a safe environment.

Beach combing ? Search for a wide variety of shells and coral beaches. It is advisable to let the animal shells such as crabs can use as a future home.

-Kayak What a great way to see the island and what?s on the offer. Great exercise too!

Beach - volleyball Beach Volleyball is fantastic fun, so bring a group or just join in the action.

-Fishing Inquire at the Office on fishing and tours available.

Diving in apnea- Hook island has everything, and if you stay at the resort all the equipment is free to use!

-Diving Inquire at the counter of Office for all your needs and diving information. 
Gain access you to the island of Shute Harbour for package resort and also there are beautiful anchorage available in deep waters of Nara Inlet.

Check the port of Shute ferry to access to campsites outside the mainland.

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Hook island of Queensland, Australia

Hook Island Queensland

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March 15, the Lindeman island Resort Your Island Getaway!

Welcome to Lindeman island resort
Are you searching to venture out on a tropical island where all of your needs is supplied for?
If you are then this island has everything, with a perfect mixture of sun, sand, crystal Blues skies defined within the great barrier reef in northeastern Queensland.

Who offers that you ask? Club Med!
Club Med are established around the world and offer world class accommodations which is all inclusive and made just for you!


The Island facts
The island is surrounded by a national park with 690 hectares of primary forest waiting to be explored.
Here, forests are set in the national park and are a mixture of hoop pine, trees of the rainforest, eucalyptus and Coastal heath along the white sand beaches.
In fact, there are some very remote beaches, we invite you to visit these beaches, but it is strongly recommended that not swim you alone.

Be Safe When Swimming and Bush Walking

When hiking through national parks please tell someone when you are leaving and when you plan to return home.
There is also a wide variety of animals on the island of wallabies parrots and a morning walk is the best time to see these creatures doing their thing.

Resort Accommodation
There is also a wide variety of Lindeman Island Resort accommodation and cost are suitable for all budgets and there are 214 rooms are available at any time.
Rooms are set in Bungalows and follow the true style of island living with balconies offering views of the beautiful beaches of white sand, set among tropical palms.
Sound relaxation doesn't it? The superior room is defined with an upper floor and a private spa. In addition other rooms are available with connections to the pool or beach.

For The Kids
Club Med welcomes all children at any age and fully accredited supervisors are available.
There are loads of great activities available for children if you need some time for Dad and Mum, and yes there is a special section for babies too.
There is a wide range of activities, sports including kayaking, beach and bushwalks, tennis, water polo, soccer, beach volleyball, snorkeling, scuba diving, trips to the reef and much more.
For those who wish certain activities that are more relaxed, then why not go for some swimming, table tennis and the evening lounge and bar.
There is also a wide range of restaurants available for every taste and a special restaurant located at the West wing that offers exotic across flavours in the world.
Frankly why wouldn't you come and stay at this wonderful Island Resort it just why has much to offer!
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Access our other Great Barrier Reef Holday website Below!
Lindeman island resort

March 17, Camping Whitsundays and the great barrier reef

"Welcome to camping Whitsundays your Aussie guide to camping on the Whitsunday Islands and coast!"
Camping on a Island can be a fantastic fun and an adventure at the same time. If you plan to camp though you will need to be very well prepared indeed.
If you have never ever camped before, then make sure you take with you someone who has understands all that is needed!
Because being prepared here is not only vital, but you also need a good solid of, what to take and how to pack and store ahead.

Got you worried now? Well, don't be because camping Whitsundays is more than just fun, it's a Great Aussie outdoor adventure!

> >

The Camp Grounds!

Many of the camp ground available are placed right there on the beach and usually less than 5 minutes walk, there is also a massive variety of Islands to choose from.

But, you will need a permit to camp and these can be picked up at most camp ground destinations and parks. If you would like more information for camping Whitsundays then contact the QPWS office at Airlie Beach:

Phone: 4946 7022

The office can also provide you with valuable information about each Island and what your needs will be.
Be Well Prepared!

"camping Whitsundays it is highly advised that you take a minimum of 5 liters of water per person per day to remote and afar areas".

Make sure you do your research first about each place and camp site to prepare well. It is also highly recommended that you have at least three days extra supply in case of an emergency situation.

You must also pack a fuel stove as the burning of timber is strictly is against the law and not permitted.
You will also need plenty of quality food with some to spare in case you get stranded somewhere for an extra amount of time.

Packed, dried foods and noodles are always great as an extra backup reserve as they are very light to carry and easy to pack.

Again do your research to see what is available at each camp site.  Information provided below scroll down to access!

All camp sites are very different and offer from the very basic to the more up market.
Actually some camp sites when camping Whitsundays only offer compost toilet pits and are very basic, but remember camping need not be a painful if you plan well in advance.

Tip: Always carry mosquito repellent, you won't regret it! 

I have found in the past that buying camping tents can be an issue and what to pick can be even harder. My tip is to avoid the cheaper tents and if you are going for a budget tent look for one that is on sale and ranged in middle price.

Your tent will also need to have an extra canopy in the way of a plastic tarp to keep off the hot sun and at time heavy rains.

Purchase a tarp that can be placed to extend out the front, back and sides of the tent, so you can sit underneath it comfortably in bad weather and hot days.

You will also need a ground sheet to protect the bottom of your tent from punctures. Now this isn't a must, but it can be very handy as it can be used for other purposes where tarps come in handy.

I like to have a ground sheet that extends right out the front of my camp site, so I can clean my feet before I enter the tent.

This way you can sweep away any access dirt or sand and keep your living quarter?s ship shape.
Camping Whitsundays and which islands is the question? I have provided a list below that will help you with all your questions.

Camping on Tancred Island ? Located in the Molle Island group Tancred Island is only accessed by boat.
Try Shute harbour just out of Airlie beach to see if there are boats or ferries available to access Tancred Island.

This island has the closest camping available to Shute harbour.Remember this Island only offers the basics, so come prepared!

Camping on North Molle Island ? North Molle (Cockatoo beach) offers a wide range of camping sites at the southern end of the island.

Access is by boat only and is best on the high tide. It is also recommended that you do not anchor off the camp area as it can get quite windy, with strong currents at times.

Available facilities are sheltered picnic tables and composting toilets.

Camping on South Molle - Sandy Bay at South Molle Island offers an open camp ground, but unfortunately at the moment there is little shade, let?s hope they plant some trees soon!

The beach is great for beachcombing, looking for shells and the likes.

You can also access a wide range of walking trails from Sandy Bay and the trail is approximately 11.5 klm long.

The camping site is located on the west side of the Island and can be accessed by boat from the mid to high tide, run in tide is better.

There are micro flush toilets available and also picnic tables to enjoy your breakfast, lunch and dinner.

No fresh water is available and don't forget your rubbish bags and mosquito repellent.

Camping on Whitsunday Island - Camping Whitsundays in the national park here is great fun and this park offers a wide range of secluded beaches and fringing coral reef, which makes it great for snorkeling.

To find out more about camping on this cool little Island please follow the link

Camping on Thomas Island ? This Island belongs to the Lindeman group and is not often visited by day visitors because of its uneasy access.

You can actually access the camp grounds by boat on the higher tide.
This camp area offers no fresh water, so you will need all your own supplies.

photo Don't forget your snorkeling gear!

Thomas Island is one of the most remote camp grounds in the Whitsundays, so come very prepared and remember to take away your own rubbish.

This island is also is very well known for an abundance of sea turtles, so if you love sea creatures this may just be a great stop over!

Camping on Shaw Island - Neck Bay on Shaw Island offers secluded camping within the Lindeman Island National Park.

The camp ground is located on the North West side of the Island and is accessed by boat at all tides.
There is a maximum of twelve people at a time, and is located approximately 40km south east of Shute harbour.

As always remember to bring your own drinking water, mosquito repellent and rubbish bags
For more information please follow the link provided

Camping on South Repulse Island ? Three Islands here offer camping and are 35klm south east of Airlie Beach.

The main camp ground is located on the west side of the South Repulse Island just east of Midge point.
Access is by boat on the mid to high tide and there is a maximum of twelve people at a time allowed to camp here. There are no facilities available so come prepared!

Camping on Gloucester Island ? camping on the Island is super popular with tourists and locals alike. There is a wide range of camping options available.

Follow the link to help you make the correct choice

Camping on Armit Island - Follow the link above to access more information about camping on Armit Island.

Camping on Saddleback Island - Follow the Gloucester Islands link above for more information about camping on Saddleback Island.

Camping on Lindeman Island - Camping within the Lindeman Island National park is a real joy as there is just so much biodiversity.

The Boat-port area is set in sandy beaches fringed with coastal rainforest and makes it a real treat for nature lovers.

There is over 20 km of bush walking tacks that ponder through rainforest, native heath and grasslands.
The camp ground is located on the northwest side of the Island as is approximately 25 km south west of Shute Harbour.

Access is by boat only at mid to high tide and there is a maximum of twelve people allowed at one time.
Composting toilets and picnic tables are also available.

Camping on Planton Island ? Follow the links above in the Camping Molle islands for more information about camping on Planton Island.

Camping on Henning Island ? This Island is not a major camping destination and is usually used as a stopover point between South Molle and The Whitsunday Islands.

Camping on Denman Island ? Information about camping on Denman Island can be found above in the Molle Island section, just follow the link for more information.

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Camping Whitsundays

March 17, Daydream Island reviews

'Welcome to the Daydream Island reviews"

Many people day-dream. But did you know that there is indeed a place? Yes ? Daydream Island is a place where it can achieve these day dreams. It's here to the coast of Queensland on Australia's beautiful great barrier reef.

Tropical and peaceful. A paradise. Of course.
Then, where do you want to go on your next vacation?
People that manage and work on the island resort have made all their mark to make this one of the most interesting places on the Whitsunday group.

For example, the island has its lagoon, it's custom made outdoors and full of marine creatures. You'll find here a wide variety of colourful fishes including, molluscs, shells and live corals.
You can scuba here and dive under your heart's content.

> >
And the team that run Daydream... well, they just keep coming up with ideas more to continue to meet the vacationers standards. That's why people return to the wonderful resort island often.

Make no mistake, it is a place of quality. There is a beautiful rainforest located right in the Centre and its fantastic place for a stroll at any time of the day. There are is also a variety of beaches, walks and a marina where you can rent a boat.

The island is also open to the visitors.
 Day people who want to stop a few hours relax and absorb some of the tropical sun.

This island was named first called West Molle.  in 1981 its name was changed then to daydream.
Daydream Island Resort and Spa is a world-renowned, 4.5 star resort is located right at the end of the island.
Sailors really like this small place, and they come here because of its easy access.

Naturally, it has a pleasure port, a marina and is surrounded by calm waters and fabulous views.
As mentioned, the island also has its very own lagoon for those who are a little afraid to enter the ocean. But you can still see what the reef provides in the way of marine life.

This open, artificial aquarium boasts eighty different species of marine life and fifty different species of corals. And, as already mentioned, you can get right into it. It is truly an eye opener for children and adults.

Added attractions

Catamarans, educational talks of fish and marine life, cinema, water polo, beach volleyball and a wide variety of sailing adventures.

Add to that: diving with snorkel, cruises and helicopter tours are available.

In fact there are way more that just that mentioned above. Once you get to the island you?ll see exactly what I mean.

It is also common to see a wallabies jump along the beaches. Early morning and late evening would be the best time to view them, so don't don't forget to bring your camera.

Then there are native birds: parrots, kookaburras, kingfishers and many a other migratory species of birds stopping just for a rest.
Yes, Daydream... it may be quite small... but it puts everything within reach. And isn't that what you want, anyway?

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Please follow the link to make your Daydream Island reviews

March 17, fish in the great barrier reef find out all you need to know here!

Welcome to fish in the great barrier reef!

"The great barrier reef is just full of fish and there is more than 1500 different species here and adore living among the colored coral formations".

Fish that live here vary between herbivores and carnivorous. Herbivores feed on the surrounding flora and algae and carnivores like to fill their tummies up on other fish on and around the reef.

This is what we call the great barrier reef food web

> >

Many visitors (tourists) and the inhabitants like to snorkel, dive and view the spectacular array of fish in the great barrier reef. As mentioned there are thousands, so sorry I can't list all the species here today, but I will fill up this page over time!

Here is a list of some of the most popular fish that support and live among this really amazing underwater eco system.

 The red bass (lutjanus bohar)- This fish is probably the oldest live fish on the reef and can exceed 50 years of age, truly amazing!

It is commonly known as the Red Emperor, jack of Mangrove and a Redd Bass.

Fishing for the Red Bass-  Small reds are targeted on and around the reef, but smaller reds are released to reproduce. Larger Red Bass  produce ciguatera a toxic poison, and thus are avoidedat the dinner table.

Coral trout (Plectropomus leopardus common) ? - this amazing fish change sex to reproduce, in fact they begin life as a female and then change to males.

This occurs in approximately 42 cm (16inches) in length.
Common coral trout is known to live for about 16 years and five of the seven species live on the Great Barrier Reef to date.

Coral Trout  everything is also linked to Groper and cod and have similar characteristics to their relatives, such as spines on the Gills and more than one row of teeth.

Yes, they all have very large mouths too, which is similar to other carnivorous fish in the great barrier reef at the top of the food chain.

Coral - trout fishing Coral trout is a targeted fish, as it's quite tasty and has a delicate white meat that most love.

Red-throat Emperor (Lethrinus miniatus)- A member of the family Lethrinidae red-throat Emperor lives for about 20 years and can grow to as large as 60 centimetres (24 inches) in length.

This fish is mainly located in the deep part of the Great Barrier Reef on the external platform near Cairns, regions, South Queensland and the Capricorn Bunker group.

For the Emperor red - gorge fishing This fish is much sort after and probably the second most targeted species after coral trout. Fish below 35 cm must be re released and there is a limit of 10 people fish for recreational fishing.

Cod - Bommie  (chocolate hind cyanostigma) Or sometimes known as due spotted cod mottled coloration. This fish is up there on the top of the food chain on the great barrier reef and loves to eat coral trout.

There is some concern that cod Bommie can become a species targeted between commercial fishers as other fish such as coral trout species reduce in numbers.

 Bommie ? cod fishing This fish is actually a type of groper, its taste is average and typically other fishes are preferred.

It is recommended that this fish should be released to follow beneficial numbers on the reef.
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Fish in the great barrier reef

March 22, Holiday in the Whitsunday Coast Australia

"Welcome to Holiday in the Whitsunday Coast Australia."

"Preparing a holiday in Northern Queensland? The coast?
How about the Australian Great Barrier Reef?

World Heritage listed area and  one of the most beautiful on Planet Earth".
So, maybe you're thinking of sailing or Scuba diving among that beautiful coral and fish that look like Nemo?

Or just lying around looking down through that face mask with some simple some snorkelling.
Or are you a beach person?

Whatever R & R you've got planned, Australia's Great Barrier Reef and its surrounds will make it just right for you!

"Youre probably thinking,Yes, the coasts great, but Id like to get out to those islands!"

Which would I like best and what I can afford?

 Could I really get to see a lot of them? All of them? Surely not.

And what about the kids? Which places are suitable? I could really make this holiday the best ever, for them and my life partner?

Lots of questions I know, but if planned well and armed with some great advice, you are more than half way there. This just may be the perfect holiday for you off the Whitsunday Coast of Queensland, Australia. A true memory of a lifetime!

So, please enjoy the content below. Follow the links to find more detailed descriptions to Holiday in the Whitsunday Coast Australia.

> >


South Molle is situated right in the heart of the Whitsundays and the beautiful Whitsunday Passage.
This Island has its own national park that is full of scenic beaches of alabaster-white sands and beautiful bays and inlets.

To find out more about South Mole Island Resort Whitsundays please follow the link provided.

South Molle Island Resort Whitsundays


Brampton is situated 50 km east of the coastal town of Mackay. It is the most Southern Island of the Whitsunday group. It is easily accessed from the airstrip at Mackay, and there are daily flights to and from.

This wonderful beautiful Tropical Isle also well known for its romantic settings for couples.
Would you like to find out more about this wonderful destination then click the link below?

Brampton Island Queensland


This beautiful first class holiday accommodation offers all mod-cons and tops them up with plenty of luxury.

Hamilton also boasts a yacht club, golf club, amazing flora and fauna, beautiful beaches, coves and inlets.
So, why not take the time out and Holiday in the Whitsunday Coast Australia.

To find out more about Hamilton Island click the link today!

Hamilton Island Travel

> >


World Class, Five-star and located perfectly amongst all its brother and sister Islands, Hayman is a honeymooners dream.

It is also the perfect Island for weddings, major functions and as a hideaway for many world celebrities.
For speedy access you can fly from Proserpine Airport, or if you want to relax and enjoy the closer views, then why not take the ferry.

Want to know more about Hayman Island then read more here today!

Hayman Island holiday


Daydream Island yes, its dreamy that's for sure and surrounded by clear blue waters that reflect the beauty of the Coral Sea.
An extra bonus: Daydream also offers its very own man-made lagoon just teaming with of tropical fish. Ready for a swim anyone?

Would you like to know more? Yes? Then follow the link below

Daydream Island Reviews


Welcome to Club Med on the wonderful Lindeman Island. We all know that Club Med offers true world class silver service, fantastic accommodation and is jam packed with action.

This resort is set in amongst a world class environment and really should be experienced once in a lifetime.
Find out more about Lindeman Island resort here today!

Lindeman Island Resort


Now we all heard the word Serenity - right? But, have you truly ever experienced it really?
Hook Island will take your breath away. It's absolutely beautiful.

Hook Island also offers fantastic snorkelling and scuba diving right from its shoreline, so there is no need of a boat.

To find out more about Holiday in the Whitsunday Coast Australia and Hook Island  follow the link below.

Hook Island Queensland


Laid back, beautifuly natural, stunning and truly at one with nature, Long Island is the perfect place to swim relax, take long walks, bake in warm sunny days, and stroll beaches and forests.

But, if you are feeling a little more ambitious, then why not try out a few of the major  water sports and immerse yourself in the crystal blue sea with run on some  power craft?

Maybe sail serenely on a catamaran, or paddle a kayak? It's your choice.
You can always come back and sip some Long Island ice - tea later! To find out more about this beautiful natural, tropical Isle, follow the link provided.

Long Island Whitsundays

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Holiday in the Whitsunday Coast Australia

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March 17, the Facts of the Great Barrier Reef

Welcome to the facts of the great barrier reef!
"You want to learn more about this majestic Reef that attracts hundreds and thousands of visitors each year?
If the answer is Yes! Then, you have come to the right place"!
 The reef is really interesting, but frankly incredible, and it is the youngest of its kind in the world, but guess what?
It's the largest reef on the planet today that we speak and will always be in our lives!
> >
The large reef is made up of over 2900 individual reefs that are located in the adjacent Coral Sea to Australia's North-East coast of Queensland.
 "As with almost all the coral reefs, it lies in the tropics and covers an area of 344,000 square kilometers (133,000 square miles) in the metric scale! It?s also very long and tracks down the coast Australian 2600 kilometres, which is more than 1 600 miles in length".
 The space- The reef is so huge, it can be seen from space! Yes, you can see way to from the top, it is often viewed by astronauts and now even from space outer guided tours!
 Structure of reef- The structure of the reef is constructed and maintained by billions of organisms called coral polyps. These corals have believe it or not have a stomach and digestive system as we do!

 World Heritage listed: This reef is also labelled as a "world heritage" site and is one of 7 natural wonders of the world, as marked by CN. In addition, included in this list is the volcano of the Great wall of China, Grand Canyon, Mount Everest, Victoria Falls, Aurora and Paricutin.
 Listed World Heritage:The greater part of the reef is protected by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. This helps and slows down our footprint on the reef with controlled fishing and tourism. Commercial ships must navigate around the Park and permit must be applied for before the entry!
 Popular with tourists and the facts of the great barrier reef:
 This part of the coastline in Australia is supported by tourism and the business is thriving with more than 1 billion generated each year.
Of course this varies with the rise and fall of the Australian dollar, but over time this many favorite tourist destination has stood its ground and if you've visited here before you know exactly why!
 Main destinations are Cairns, Townsville and popular very super Airlie Beach. These cities are fundamentally stepping stones to the reef and the neighbours of the Islands.
 In reality Airlie beach is often called as the gateway to the reef!
All three cities have much to offer and are truly individual, but if you travel at the right time,  you just maybe want to head South to see the truly Grand Humpback whales at Harvey Bay as they come to give birth in these warm waters.

This is the Humpback whales birth first stop and they reside here for some time before heading south again to Antarctica.
 I assume that they feel that the waters are quite hot and Bay offers protection against predators such as the great white shark, who despise warmer waters.
 Some whales travel a little further north and closer to the reef and are regularly seen as in the North to the Whitsundays and yes I saw that with my very own eyes!
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Facts of the great barrier reef

March 22, Long Island Whitsundays Queensland Australia

Welcome to Long Island Whitsundays Australia your source of information for one-stop shop for this beautiful tropical paradise.
 It is the station closest to the Mainland and three stations.
The island is essentially all national park and long and 1.5 about 11 kilometres to its klm point widest.As with all the Islands Whitsunday, beaches, water, wildlife and tropical life is at hand!
 There is a wide range of trails that traverse the island with really fantastic lookouts and fabulous views.
These walks that question through the wind through coastal rainforest national park, on watching the majestic neighbouring islands and are all full of native wild animals team!
These trails lead many dense tropical bush and scenic beaches. Who knows you may even stumble across a Wallaby, Goanna or a Kookaburra?
 Long Island Whitsundays walking covered approximately 13 kilometres, therefore, if you plan to take on and then put on your best walking shoes, and don?t forget sunscreen and mosquito repellent.
 Palm fringed beaches, scenic foot of the slopes, 2500 hectares of national park, a full range of water sports.
Why the entertainment suitable for all ages?
If you want to be surrounded by luxuriously beautiful relaxed atmosphere? Long Island Resort just then would be the perfect location for you!
Actually he won the prize of Tourism Queensland for 2010, so that you know that it will be very!
The station also offers children and incredible dining weddings, club.
Contact: 4946 9400 (07) free call with the Australia 1800 075 125

Palm Bay Hideaway Resort
  All of Long Island Whitsundays is a beautiful resort somewhat placed in Palm Bay. In fact the name serves really well as most of the housing is in cabins under the Palm trees.
Resort here is very low key without telephones, televisions or motorized water sports. But if you look a little bit of action just head over Club Crocodile!

Phone Palm Bay Hideaway: 4946 9233 in Australia free call (1800-095-025)
Wilderness lodge on Long Island Whitsundays includes only a small amount of cabins, 10 to be precise.
The hotel is very Eco friendly and runs totally on the power of the Sun! Yes, it's all solar and retains its very low overall impact and is promoted as an Eco Resort.
At present it is up to twenty guests allowed, and children aged less than 15 years are not served to.
This resort is super quiet and very low key, with no day visitors and certainly not water noisy boating.
You can take all inclusive packages ranging from 4 to 7 days here, if you are looking for some serious R & R.

Contact the Wilderness lodge:
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Long Island Whitsundays
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