Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Baby White Whale seen for the first time!

Yes, a "Baby White Whale seen for the first time"!
I was doing some research about the Great Barrier Reef and I found this awesome video of a new born baby whale!
Also I cam across a wonderful article about the albino whale that was just given birth to by his proud Mum!

Humpback Whale baby!! Just Born learning to swim
www.reefari.com Just North of Brampton Island, Southern Whitsunday islands, Reefari came across a newborn baby Humpback calf with Mother, Just laying on the surface, lying on his back. The calf was half white on the lower side of body. If lucky enoug...

Rare white whale calf spotted off Australia

SYDNEY — An extremely rare white humpback whale calf has been spotted near Australia's Great Barrier Reef in an event witnesses described Thursday as a "once in a lifetime experience".

Believed to be just a few weeks old, the baby humpback was seen at Cid Harbour in the famous reef's Whitsunday Islands area by local man Wayne Fewings, who was with his family in a boat when he spotted a whale pod.

"We were just drifting when I noticed the smaller whale in the pod was white. I couldn?t believe my eyes, and I just grabbed my camera," Fewings said.

photo right:  An adult Humpback on his way north with the family!

 Humpback near Hervey Bay, QueenslandImage via Wikipedia

"Then the white calf approached my boat, seeming to want to check us out. I was just so amazed at seeing this animal, it made me think how truly astounding the Great Barrier Reef is," he added of the sighting on Saturday.

"I feel very lucky to have witnessed this, it's a once in a lifetime experience."

Reef official Mark Read said white whales were highly unusual, with only 10-15 believed to exist among the 10,000-15,000 humpbacks living along Australia's east coast, and purely white ones -- like the calf spotted on Saturday -- rarer still.
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I really wanted to share this article and video Baby White Whale seen for the first time! It really is very touching!
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