Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Deadly Underwater Creature Videos of Sharks Crocodiles

Welcome to my blog post! "Deadly Underwater Creature Videos of Sharks Crocodiles
The first video is the real deal of a crocodile underwater being filmed!  This was not done from a cage!
If it was me I would be back on the boat by now!
You see the thing is Crocs will travel through the ocean from Island to Island!

Krazy O'Dz Underwater Crocodile Encounter
I filmed this crocodile in the waters of the island nation of Palau. I have always had a fear of these terrifying creatures, but once we spent a little time together we became tolerant of each other's presence and I was able to get some amazing foota...

Are you ready to go free diving with Tiger Sharks?

This video below show some crazy doods ready to risk life and limb to get some footage of the Tiger shark!
Tiger sharks are extremely teritorial and will bite you just for coming into their space!
Not me that's for sure!

Freediving tiger sharks underwater video: best off 2009/ 2011.
Freediving among tiger sharks off the Durban coast. Video taken while freediving. No cage diving used!

I hope you like my video blog post Deadly Underwater Creature Videos of Sharks Crocodiles?
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