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Great Barrier Reef Holiday Vacations

A variety of corals form an outcrop on Flynn R...Image via WikipediaWelcome to my video Blog post Great Barrier Reef Holidays Vacations!
I must say this is one red hot article!
Anyway, don't take my word for it, watch the videos and click the links to see for yourself!

A Holiday at Heron Island - Great Barrier Reef
At Heron Island, we start with the natural beauty of the reef and the kaleidoscope of the life it inspires. We add our passion for food and service and complement it with the little luxuries that make holidays complete. Heron Island is your natural p...

Southern Great Barrier Reef - Great Keppel Island Holiday Village.m4v
Great Keppel Island Holiday Village is located in a gum tree bush setting less than a minute's walk to two perfect swimming beaches. Accommodation includes twin or double rooms; twin or double canvas tents erected on timber decks, and ensuited cabins...

What would you like to do on your Great Barrier Reef Holidays?
That’s why your here, right? You came to this site to get answers to your questions about what you can do while on your next vacation? Whether it be relaxing, scuba diving, snorkeling, touring, sailing, fishing,camping, cruises or even Island hopping, you want to know about it.
Or maybe you just want lay some of the whitest, finest, softest sand on earth and just think “Oh... that feels great,” while sipping on a tall drink. We all have different reason for travel.
It could be sightseeing, adventure, romance. Chances are you’ll find all of the above on an Australian holiday- especially on The Reef.
So, while you are here searching throughout our easy- to- navigate website, we will help you put together your perfect Great Barrier Reef Holidays.

How can we do this?
Well, this site has been designed and written Marty Ware, a real Aussie adventurer. Marty can deliver the best quality information. And keep you up to date, Aussie Style!
So, are you after facts about The Reef? How it evolved? What creatures live there and what you can expect to see?
Or do you want to know about the surrounding islands? Lord knows there are enough of them. So what are they like? How big? Where positioned exactly?
What can you do while you stay on these Islands? Can you fly to them? Can you sail to them, or reach them by public ferry?
What about accommodation?
Where to stay? What places rate the best? How much does it cost to stay at those places? Just as importantly, when are the best deals available?
The best times to visit? Yes, there are a lot of questions, aren’t there?
When should you visit the Great Barrier Reef? And what can you expect while you are there at different seasons of the year? The time of the year is an important factor. This site will give you all the good gen.
What about safely? The traveling itself – getting there? What to watch out for? How to keep your loved ones safe.
Oh, and yes, how to make those hard-earned dollars go furthest. This site will provide all of those things. So you really have come to the right place for all your Great Barrier Reef Holidays and needs!
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