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Hamilton Island Queensland and The Great Barrier Reef

Welcome to my blog post "Hamilton Island Queensland and The Great Barrier Reef"
This blog lately I have been covering alot more then just this lovely Island.
We have traveled up to Cairns, spoke about diving with sharks, talked about algea eating fish and turtles with Herpe's.
"Wow", I sure have covered a lot.
But today I want to get back to what it's all about Hamilton Island!

Hamilton Island, Great Barrier Reef
Tour of Hamilton Islands new resort - qualia, Hamilton Island Golf Club and the Hamilton Island Yacht Club.


Hamilton Island an exciting base for Great Barrier Reef adventures

A snorkelling or scuba diving excursion will naturally be a highlight of any trip to the Great Barrier Reef, but travelers on Australia tours will discover there's much more to do both in and out of the water around Hamilton Island.

Located off Australia's northeast coast, Hamilton is one of the 74 Whitsunday islands, renowned for their beautiful uninhabited forests and sunny, warm climate. With crystal clear water to frolic in and a host of options when it comes to accommodations, dining and land-based fun, it's no wonder Lonely Planet says, "Staying on a Whitsunday isle is one of the best options for experiencing the reef."

Among all the Whitsundays, Hamilton Island might provide the best mix of human development and unspoiled natural splendor. Hotels range from the ultra-luxe to the family friendly, and an island village provides a great place to mingle with other travelers while enjoying a delicious meal. For a truly memorable and unique reef experience, adventurers might leave Hamilton for an overnight stay on board a well-appointed boat.

On land, active types can explore the island by hiking or biking its numerous trails. Those who want to check out some of Australia's terrestrial wildlife after seeing some of the 1,500 species of Great Barrier Reef fish can head to the island's wildlife conservatory to have a close encounter with a koala or crocodile.
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Cocktails at sunset, Day Four, 18/04/2009.

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Snorkeling With Turtles on Hamilton Island Video

Yes, if you get a chance to visit the island you may not have venture all the way out to Great Barrier Reef to sea turtles and coral.
Watch the video below and see for yourself!
Snorkelling with turtles on Hamilton Island
Snorkelling with turtles on a fringing reef at Catseye Beach, Hamilton Island Whitsundays, Australia.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post Hamilton Island Queensland and The Great Barrier Reef Reef?
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