Sunday, October 16, 2011

Exploring Keppel Island Group

Great Keppel Island Beach.Image via WikipediaWelcome to my blog post "Exploring Keppel Island Group"
The video below shows a young traveler providing his take on this magnificent Island on the Whitsundays.
I am sure you will enjoy this one!

Exploring the Keppel Group of islands
A couple of nights on Great Keppel followed by a couple of nights on Keppel Bay Escapes boat away fishing!

Keppel Islands

I went on a fantastic bushwalk on Great Keppel Island which saw me get hopelessly and completely lost. I ended up roaming through a eucalypt wood walking into spiderwebs and nearly tripping up over goannas and peacocks.

Author:Dick Dangerous

The second video below goes away from the land and under the water!  Truthfully nearly everyone who comes to this region has some affinity with the sea!
So, lets explore shall we!

Underwater observatory near Great Keppel Island
Footage of the corals and fish found at the underwater observatory near Great Keppel Island. Vision shot by Dr Alison Jones of CQUniversity.

So, did you enjoy those videos?
It truly is amzing above and below the water around the Keppel Group.
Please pass this video blog post Exploring Keppel Island Group on to others who you believe will enjoy it too!
Happy Holidays!

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