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Great Barrier Reef More Tourist Please!

Capricorn Tourism - Southern Great Barrier Reef Video
Southern Great Barrier Reef video produced for Capricorn Tourism.

A scuba diver looking at a giant clam on the G...Image via WikipediaGreat Barrier Reef More Tourist Please!
Yes, the numbers have been dwindling over the past 20 years and after cyclones, floods and a roaring Australia dollar the tourist industry is hurting!

QUALITY is the key to attracting more visitors to the Great Barrier Reef after figures show stagnating numbers in the past 20 years.

An ecotourism expert is recommending operators highlight the quality experience to beat rivals.
Ecotourism Australia’s Global Eco Tourism Conference convener Tony Charters said the number of Reef visitors had remained the same for 20 years.
"The Great Barrier Reef currently hosts 1.3 million visitors per year, similar numbers in 2011 as in 1991, 20 years ago," he said.
Mr Charters said rival destinations were providing cheaper holidays but not a better experience.
He said Australians were heading to Vietnam, Fiji and even the US because it was cheaper than Cairns, Townsville or the Whitsundays.
"We can’t compete on price but we can compete on the quality of the experience. The Great Barrier Reef has excellent reefs, the best in the world and Australia is a world leader in managing the quality of the reefs," he said.
Passions of Paradise chief executive officer Scotty Garden said most of the region’s Reef operators offered good quality and varied products.
He said Tourism Queensland and Tourism Australia were doing a good job of promoting the quality of the Reef product.
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I hope you enjoyed the article and video above!  It really does look as though the tourism industry needs a good shove along!
Get the word out and tell the world just how wonderful Australia and the Great Barrier Reef really is!
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