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March 22, Long Island Whitsundays Queensland Australia

Welcome to Long Island Whitsundays Australia your source of information for one-stop shop for this beautiful tropical paradise.
 It is the station closest to the Mainland and three stations.
The island is essentially all national park and long and 1.5 about 11 kilometres to its klm point widest.As with all the Islands Whitsunday, beaches, water, wildlife and tropical life is at hand!
 There is a wide range of trails that traverse the island with really fantastic lookouts and fabulous views.
These walks that question through the wind through coastal rainforest national park, on watching the majestic neighbouring islands and are all full of native wild animals team!
These trails lead many dense tropical bush and scenic beaches. Who knows you may even stumble across a Wallaby, Goanna or a Kookaburra?
 Long Island Whitsundays walking covered approximately 13 kilometres, therefore, if you plan to take on and then put on your best walking shoes, and don?t forget sunscreen and mosquito repellent.
 Palm fringed beaches, scenic foot of the slopes, 2500 hectares of national park, a full range of water sports.
Why the entertainment suitable for all ages?
If you want to be surrounded by luxuriously beautiful relaxed atmosphere? Long Island Resort just then would be the perfect location for you!
Actually he won the prize of Tourism Queensland for 2010, so that you know that it will be very!
The station also offers children and incredible dining weddings, club.
Contact: 4946 9400 (07) free call with the Australia 1800 075 125

Palm Bay Hideaway Resort
  All of Long Island Whitsundays is a beautiful resort somewhat placed in Palm Bay. In fact the name serves really well as most of the housing is in cabins under the Palm trees.
Resort here is very low key without telephones, televisions or motorized water sports. But if you look a little bit of action just head over Club Crocodile!

Phone Palm Bay Hideaway: 4946 9233 in Australia free call (1800-095-025)
Wilderness lodge on Long Island Whitsundays includes only a small amount of cabins, 10 to be precise.
The hotel is very Eco friendly and runs totally on the power of the Sun! Yes, it's all solar and retains its very low overall impact and is promoted as an Eco Resort.
At present it is up to twenty guests allowed, and children aged less than 15 years are not served to.
This resort is super quiet and very low key, with no day visitors and certainly not water noisy boating.
You can take all inclusive packages ranging from 4 to 7 days here, if you are looking for some serious R & R.

Contact the Wilderness lodge:
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Long Island Whitsundays
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