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March 17, fish in the great barrier reef find out all you need to know here!

Welcome to fish in the great barrier reef!

"The great barrier reef is just full of fish and there is more than 1500 different species here and adore living among the colored coral formations".

Fish that live here vary between herbivores and carnivorous. Herbivores feed on the surrounding flora and algae and carnivores like to fill their tummies up on other fish on and around the reef.

This is what we call the great barrier reef food web

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Many visitors (tourists) and the inhabitants like to snorkel, dive and view the spectacular array of fish in the great barrier reef. As mentioned there are thousands, so sorry I can't list all the species here today, but I will fill up this page over time!

Here is a list of some of the most popular fish that support and live among this really amazing underwater eco system.

 The red bass (lutjanus bohar)- This fish is probably the oldest live fish on the reef and can exceed 50 years of age, truly amazing!

It is commonly known as the Red Emperor, jack of Mangrove and a Redd Bass.

Fishing for the Red Bass-  Small reds are targeted on and around the reef, but smaller reds are released to reproduce. Larger Red Bass  produce ciguatera a toxic poison, and thus are avoidedat the dinner table.

Coral trout (Plectropomus leopardus common) ? - this amazing fish change sex to reproduce, in fact they begin life as a female and then change to males.

This occurs in approximately 42 cm (16inches) in length.
Common coral trout is known to live for about 16 years and five of the seven species live on the Great Barrier Reef to date.

Coral Trout  everything is also linked to Groper and cod and have similar characteristics to their relatives, such as spines on the Gills and more than one row of teeth.

Yes, they all have very large mouths too, which is similar to other carnivorous fish in the great barrier reef at the top of the food chain.

Coral - trout fishing Coral trout is a targeted fish, as it's quite tasty and has a delicate white meat that most love.

Red-throat Emperor (Lethrinus miniatus)- A member of the family Lethrinidae red-throat Emperor lives for about 20 years and can grow to as large as 60 centimetres (24 inches) in length.

This fish is mainly located in the deep part of the Great Barrier Reef on the external platform near Cairns, regions, South Queensland and the Capricorn Bunker group.

For the Emperor red - gorge fishing This fish is much sort after and probably the second most targeted species after coral trout. Fish below 35 cm must be re released and there is a limit of 10 people fish for recreational fishing.

Cod - Bommie  (chocolate hind cyanostigma) Or sometimes known as due spotted cod mottled coloration. This fish is up there on the top of the food chain on the great barrier reef and loves to eat coral trout.

There is some concern that cod Bommie can become a species targeted between commercial fishers as other fish such as coral trout species reduce in numbers.

 Bommie ? cod fishing This fish is actually a type of groper, its taste is average and typically other fishes are preferred.

It is recommended that this fish should be released to follow beneficial numbers on the reef.
I hope you enjoyed this article fish in the Great Barrier Reef? Please share the love and pass on to others you think will appreciate too!

Fish in the great barrier reef

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