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March 17, Camping Whitsundays and the great barrier reef

"Welcome to camping Whitsundays your Aussie guide to camping on the Whitsunday Islands and coast!"
Camping on a Island can be a fantastic fun and an adventure at the same time. If you plan to camp though you will need to be very well prepared indeed.
If you have never ever camped before, then make sure you take with you someone who has understands all that is needed!
Because being prepared here is not only vital, but you also need a good solid of, what to take and how to pack and store ahead.

Got you worried now? Well, don't be because camping Whitsundays is more than just fun, it's a Great Aussie outdoor adventure!

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The Camp Grounds!

Many of the camp ground available are placed right there on the beach and usually less than 5 minutes walk, there is also a massive variety of Islands to choose from.

But, you will need a permit to camp and these can be picked up at most camp ground destinations and parks. If you would like more information for camping Whitsundays then contact the QPWS office at Airlie Beach:

Phone: 4946 7022

The office can also provide you with valuable information about each Island and what your needs will be.
Be Well Prepared!

"camping Whitsundays it is highly advised that you take a minimum of 5 liters of water per person per day to remote and afar areas".

Make sure you do your research first about each place and camp site to prepare well. It is also highly recommended that you have at least three days extra supply in case of an emergency situation.

You must also pack a fuel stove as the burning of timber is strictly is against the law and not permitted.
You will also need plenty of quality food with some to spare in case you get stranded somewhere for an extra amount of time.

Packed, dried foods and noodles are always great as an extra backup reserve as they are very light to carry and easy to pack.

Again do your research to see what is available at each camp site.  Information provided below scroll down to access!

All camp sites are very different and offer from the very basic to the more up market.
Actually some camp sites when camping Whitsundays only offer compost toilet pits and are very basic, but remember camping need not be a painful if you plan well in advance.

Tip: Always carry mosquito repellent, you won't regret it! 

I have found in the past that buying camping tents can be an issue and what to pick can be even harder. My tip is to avoid the cheaper tents and if you are going for a budget tent look for one that is on sale and ranged in middle price.

Your tent will also need to have an extra canopy in the way of a plastic tarp to keep off the hot sun and at time heavy rains.

Purchase a tarp that can be placed to extend out the front, back and sides of the tent, so you can sit underneath it comfortably in bad weather and hot days.

You will also need a ground sheet to protect the bottom of your tent from punctures. Now this isn't a must, but it can be very handy as it can be used for other purposes where tarps come in handy.

I like to have a ground sheet that extends right out the front of my camp site, so I can clean my feet before I enter the tent.

This way you can sweep away any access dirt or sand and keep your living quarter?s ship shape.
Camping Whitsundays and which islands is the question? I have provided a list below that will help you with all your questions.

Camping on Tancred Island ? Located in the Molle Island group Tancred Island is only accessed by boat.
Try Shute harbour just out of Airlie beach to see if there are boats or ferries available to access Tancred Island.

This island has the closest camping available to Shute harbour.Remember this Island only offers the basics, so come prepared!

Camping on North Molle Island ? North Molle (Cockatoo beach) offers a wide range of camping sites at the southern end of the island.

Access is by boat only and is best on the high tide. It is also recommended that you do not anchor off the camp area as it can get quite windy, with strong currents at times.

Available facilities are sheltered picnic tables and composting toilets.

Camping on South Molle - Sandy Bay at South Molle Island offers an open camp ground, but unfortunately at the moment there is little shade, let?s hope they plant some trees soon!

The beach is great for beachcombing, looking for shells and the likes.

You can also access a wide range of walking trails from Sandy Bay and the trail is approximately 11.5 klm long.

The camping site is located on the west side of the Island and can be accessed by boat from the mid to high tide, run in tide is better.

There are micro flush toilets available and also picnic tables to enjoy your breakfast, lunch and dinner.

No fresh water is available and don't forget your rubbish bags and mosquito repellent.

Camping on Whitsunday Island - Camping Whitsundays in the national park here is great fun and this park offers a wide range of secluded beaches and fringing coral reef, which makes it great for snorkeling.

To find out more about camping on this cool little Island please follow the link

Camping on Thomas Island ? This Island belongs to the Lindeman group and is not often visited by day visitors because of its uneasy access.

You can actually access the camp grounds by boat on the higher tide.
This camp area offers no fresh water, so you will need all your own supplies.

photo Don't forget your snorkeling gear!

Thomas Island is one of the most remote camp grounds in the Whitsundays, so come very prepared and remember to take away your own rubbish.

This island is also is very well known for an abundance of sea turtles, so if you love sea creatures this may just be a great stop over!

Camping on Shaw Island - Neck Bay on Shaw Island offers secluded camping within the Lindeman Island National Park.

The camp ground is located on the North West side of the Island and is accessed by boat at all tides.
There is a maximum of twelve people at a time, and is located approximately 40km south east of Shute harbour.

As always remember to bring your own drinking water, mosquito repellent and rubbish bags
For more information please follow the link provided

Camping on South Repulse Island ? Three Islands here offer camping and are 35klm south east of Airlie Beach.

The main camp ground is located on the west side of the South Repulse Island just east of Midge point.
Access is by boat on the mid to high tide and there is a maximum of twelve people at a time allowed to camp here. There are no facilities available so come prepared!

Camping on Gloucester Island ? camping on the Island is super popular with tourists and locals alike. There is a wide range of camping options available.

Follow the link to help you make the correct choice

Camping on Armit Island - Follow the link above to access more information about camping on Armit Island.

Camping on Saddleback Island - Follow the Gloucester Islands link above for more information about camping on Saddleback Island.

Camping on Lindeman Island - Camping within the Lindeman Island National park is a real joy as there is just so much biodiversity.

The Boat-port area is set in sandy beaches fringed with coastal rainforest and makes it a real treat for nature lovers.

There is over 20 km of bush walking tacks that ponder through rainforest, native heath and grasslands.
The camp ground is located on the northwest side of the Island as is approximately 25 km south west of Shute Harbour.

Access is by boat only at mid to high tide and there is a maximum of twelve people allowed at one time.
Composting toilets and picnic tables are also available.

Camping on Planton Island ? Follow the links above in the Camping Molle islands for more information about camping on Planton Island.

Camping on Henning Island ? This Island is not a major camping destination and is usually used as a stopover point between South Molle and The Whitsunday Islands.

Camping on Denman Island ? Information about camping on Denman Island can be found above in the Molle Island section, just follow the link for more information.

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