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March 22, hook island of Queensland, Australia, Whitsunday Wilderness

Welcome to the hook Island Queensland in Australia and not in the wilderness on the Whitsunday Coast.
It is very well known as being the second largest island in the Whitsundays and is covered in pristine National Park.
The island is approximately 53 km square with the highest point reaches 450 metres to peek Hook.

Hook is also a popular destination for many people who like to access ocean and reefs with minimum fuss, as you can snorkel and diving straight beach with many proposed destinations.

There are also a variety of off beaches private Crystal white for those who want a little privacy and isolation.
The island offers basic facilities very compared with the brothers and sister islands, but are worth much if you really want to live among the native Australian flora, fauna and eco blue ocean systems.

There is camping available on the island, but you must have a licence QPWS. You can find these sites of camp Bloodhorn beach and Maureen's cove.

"To learn more about camping on Hook island of Queensland, Australia and other Whitsunday Islands follow the link below".

Camping Whitsundays

The wilderness resort is quite wild and value even in this way. I would say it's not glamorous, but if that's what you are looking for, then you have come to the right place.

Currently it has 12 adjacent rooms join all the base with small bathrooms. But who knows at the time that you have read this it may have all changed and had a full upgrade.

Camping is also available at each end of the station with tents and dormitory already in place for budget travellers and backpackers.

Access the Wilderness resort here

The Hook Wilderness Resort island

There are walking trails everywhere on the island and national park.
Maps are available at the resort to the counter audit.

Recommended hiking trails to take is the way to the Bay of butterfly. The Bay itself was named because of its remarkable outline and Butterfly found throughout Bay and the beach.

Wildlife can be found everywhere with a huge variety of sea birds, parrots, lizards, fish, turtles, soft and hard corals, and even the occasional whale!

Reef Explorer: Reef Explorer is a boat semi submersible that fits up to 52 passengers. This tour is ideal for those who want the views of coral and marine life in a safe environment.

Beach combing ? Search for a wide variety of shells and coral beaches. It is advisable to let the animal shells such as crabs can use as a future home.

-Kayak What a great way to see the island and what?s on the offer. Great exercise too!

Beach - volleyball Beach Volleyball is fantastic fun, so bring a group or just join in the action.

-Fishing Inquire at the Office on fishing and tours available.

Diving in apnea- Hook island has everything, and if you stay at the resort all the equipment is free to use!

-Diving Inquire at the counter of Office for all your needs and diving information. 
Gain access you to the island of Shute Harbour for package resort and also there are beautiful anchorage available in deep waters of Nara Inlet.

Check the port of Shute ferry to access to campsites outside the mainland.

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Hook island of Queensland, Australia

Hook Island Queensland

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