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March 17, Daydream Island reviews

'Welcome to the Daydream Island reviews"

Many people day-dream. But did you know that there is indeed a place? Yes ? Daydream Island is a place where it can achieve these day dreams. It's here to the coast of Queensland on Australia's beautiful great barrier reef.

Tropical and peaceful. A paradise. Of course.
Then, where do you want to go on your next vacation?
People that manage and work on the island resort have made all their mark to make this one of the most interesting places on the Whitsunday group.

For example, the island has its lagoon, it's custom made outdoors and full of marine creatures. You'll find here a wide variety of colourful fishes including, molluscs, shells and live corals.
You can scuba here and dive under your heart's content.

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And the team that run Daydream... well, they just keep coming up with ideas more to continue to meet the vacationers standards. That's why people return to the wonderful resort island often.

Make no mistake, it is a place of quality. There is a beautiful rainforest located right in the Centre and its fantastic place for a stroll at any time of the day. There are is also a variety of beaches, walks and a marina where you can rent a boat.

The island is also open to the visitors.
 Day people who want to stop a few hours relax and absorb some of the tropical sun.

This island was named first called West Molle.  in 1981 its name was changed then to daydream.
Daydream Island Resort and Spa is a world-renowned, 4.5 star resort is located right at the end of the island.
Sailors really like this small place, and they come here because of its easy access.

Naturally, it has a pleasure port, a marina and is surrounded by calm waters and fabulous views.
As mentioned, the island also has its very own lagoon for those who are a little afraid to enter the ocean. But you can still see what the reef provides in the way of marine life.

This open, artificial aquarium boasts eighty different species of marine life and fifty different species of corals. And, as already mentioned, you can get right into it. It is truly an eye opener for children and adults.

Added attractions

Catamarans, educational talks of fish and marine life, cinema, water polo, beach volleyball and a wide variety of sailing adventures.

Add to that: diving with snorkel, cruises and helicopter tours are available.

In fact there are way more that just that mentioned above. Once you get to the island you?ll see exactly what I mean.

It is also common to see a wallabies jump along the beaches. Early morning and late evening would be the best time to view them, so don't don't forget to bring your camera.

Then there are native birds: parrots, kookaburras, kingfishers and many a other migratory species of birds stopping just for a rest.
Yes, Daydream... it may be quite small... but it puts everything within reach. And isn't that what you want, anyway?

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