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March 22, Holiday in the Whitsunday Coast Australia

"Welcome to Holiday in the Whitsunday Coast Australia."

"Preparing a holiday in Northern Queensland? The coast?
How about the Australian Great Barrier Reef?

World Heritage listed area and  one of the most beautiful on Planet Earth".
So, maybe you're thinking of sailing or Scuba diving among that beautiful coral and fish that look like Nemo?

Or just lying around looking down through that face mask with some simple some snorkelling.
Or are you a beach person?

Whatever R & R you've got planned, Australia's Great Barrier Reef and its surrounds will make it just right for you!

"Youre probably thinking,Yes, the coasts great, but Id like to get out to those islands!"

Which would I like best and what I can afford?

 Could I really get to see a lot of them? All of them? Surely not.

And what about the kids? Which places are suitable? I could really make this holiday the best ever, for them and my life partner?

Lots of questions I know, but if planned well and armed with some great advice, you are more than half way there. This just may be the perfect holiday for you off the Whitsunday Coast of Queensland, Australia. A true memory of a lifetime!

So, please enjoy the content below. Follow the links to find more detailed descriptions to Holiday in the Whitsunday Coast Australia.

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South Molle is situated right in the heart of the Whitsundays and the beautiful Whitsunday Passage.
This Island has its own national park that is full of scenic beaches of alabaster-white sands and beautiful bays and inlets.

To find out more about South Mole Island Resort Whitsundays please follow the link provided.

South Molle Island Resort Whitsundays


Brampton is situated 50 km east of the coastal town of Mackay. It is the most Southern Island of the Whitsunday group. It is easily accessed from the airstrip at Mackay, and there are daily flights to and from.

This wonderful beautiful Tropical Isle also well known for its romantic settings for couples.
Would you like to find out more about this wonderful destination then click the link below?

Brampton Island Queensland


This beautiful first class holiday accommodation offers all mod-cons and tops them up with plenty of luxury.

Hamilton also boasts a yacht club, golf club, amazing flora and fauna, beautiful beaches, coves and inlets.
So, why not take the time out and Holiday in the Whitsunday Coast Australia.

To find out more about Hamilton Island click the link today!

Hamilton Island Travel

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World Class, Five-star and located perfectly amongst all its brother and sister Islands, Hayman is a honeymooners dream.

It is also the perfect Island for weddings, major functions and as a hideaway for many world celebrities.
For speedy access you can fly from Proserpine Airport, or if you want to relax and enjoy the closer views, then why not take the ferry.

Want to know more about Hayman Island then read more here today!

Hayman Island holiday


Daydream Island yes, its dreamy that's for sure and surrounded by clear blue waters that reflect the beauty of the Coral Sea.
An extra bonus: Daydream also offers its very own man-made lagoon just teaming with of tropical fish. Ready for a swim anyone?

Would you like to know more? Yes? Then follow the link below

Daydream Island Reviews


Welcome to Club Med on the wonderful Lindeman Island. We all know that Club Med offers true world class silver service, fantastic accommodation and is jam packed with action.

This resort is set in amongst a world class environment and really should be experienced once in a lifetime.
Find out more about Lindeman Island resort here today!

Lindeman Island Resort


Now we all heard the word Serenity - right? But, have you truly ever experienced it really?
Hook Island will take your breath away. It's absolutely beautiful.

Hook Island also offers fantastic snorkelling and scuba diving right from its shoreline, so there is no need of a boat.

To find out more about Holiday in the Whitsunday Coast Australia and Hook Island  follow the link below.

Hook Island Queensland


Laid back, beautifuly natural, stunning and truly at one with nature, Long Island is the perfect place to swim relax, take long walks, bake in warm sunny days, and stroll beaches and forests.

But, if you are feeling a little more ambitious, then why not try out a few of the major  water sports and immerse yourself in the crystal blue sea with run on some  power craft?

Maybe sail serenely on a catamaran, or paddle a kayak? It's your choice.
You can always come back and sip some Long Island ice - tea later! To find out more about this beautiful natural, tropical Isle, follow the link provided.

Long Island Whitsundays

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Holiday in the Whitsunday Coast Australia

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