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The Great Barrier Reef Information World

A Barrier Reef Anemonefish (Amphiprion akindyn...Image via Wikipedia Welcome to my blog post The Great Barrier Reef Information World!
I wanted to share this with you, as I believe many of you may of missed my main website Great Barrier Reef Holidays that is just loaded with awesome content!
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New 7 Wonders - Great Barrier Reef featuring Andy Ridley (Earth Hour), Part 1
Andy shot a series of videos on Green Island, Middle Cay and Norman Reef driving people to vote for the Great Barrier Reef as one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World. This video is day one of his three day visit to Green Island on the Great Barrier...

As you may or not know this Australian reef that fringes the north east coast of Australia is the largest reef of its kind. The reef is a relatively new and just over 1000 years old, but did you know that it has built itself on top of a very old reef?
Yes, the base underneath is hundreds and thousands years old and has provided the perfect base its relatives.

The Great Barrier Reef Info Center

If you are looking to find more information from within the list provided just follow the links and you will be guided to even more solid content!

Great Barrier Reef Age The Great Barrier Reef Age – Yes, this reef is steeped with mystery, but science is slowly unwrapping and solving some puzzles. Scientist are digging deep into the reef and discovering some of the oldest known coral reef that has existed on this planet.
Find out more here The Great Barrier Reef Age

Fish in the Great Barrier Reef Fish in The Great Barrier Reef - There are over 1500 species of fish that live on the reef that resides off the Queensland Aussie coast and virtually all of them depend on this coral reefs health for their survival. Actually one of these fish can live to more than 50 years of age. Find out its name and more here!
Fish in the Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef for kids thumb The Great Barrier Reef Info for kids - Yes coral reef can be just like a wonderland to children and there is also lots that they can learn along the way, while having a great deal fun, especially if your kid loves nature and the great outdoors. Maybe they are an indoors computer kid? But that could easily change with an awesome holiday? To find out more follow the link to the resource page The Great Barrier Reef Info for Kids


Great Barrier Reef Food Web Great Barrier Reef food web - Yes, everything eats everything. Sharks here on the reef would be at the top of the food chain, but when you take a closer look at what humans do to sharks? Mmmm, this really is interesting.
Find out more about The Great Barrier Reef Food Web here!

information about the Great Barrier Reef Information about the Great Barrier Reef- Would you like to know more about the corals and marine life that live and breath the Great Barrier Reef?Follow the link below to get a greater understanding!
Information about the Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef History Great Barrier Reef History - There is more to history on this famous reef than just its age! What about shipwrecks? Captain Cook and his views on the reef? And also evolution! Find out more about Great Barrier Reef history here.
Great Barrier Reef History

Great Barrier Reef Map Great Barrier Reef Map - Are you looking to find your way around the reef, surrounding Islands and Australian north east mainland? Follow the link provided here to download the map! Great Barrier Reef Map

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