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Audi Hamilton Island Race Week 2012

 Hi and welcome to my blog post "Audi Hamilton Race Week 2012"
If you haven't heard of this race before then I have placed an article below that I found online at
It's great to see these sailing races being promoted for Hamilton Island and I will do my best to cover these events!

Audi Hamilton Island Race Week invitation for superyachts
'Audi Hamilton Island Race Week 2012'    Rob Mundle

Audi Hamilton Island Race Week 2012 is being held from 17 to 25 August. Sailing superyacht owners are invited to experience the unique on-water and party pleasures that have propelled the event to a point where it is ranked amongst the world’s best regattas.

The Superyacht Division will be a key element in the 2012 series, which will be staged at a venue that is the centrepiece of what is becoming the world’s latest superyacht playground, and Australia’s answer to the Caribbean. 
Hamilton Island, Whitsundays, AustraliaImage via Wikipedia

Yacht owners and their guests will experience an exceptional racing agenda, one which will see them engaged in stimulating competition over courses that take in many of the 68 uninhabited Whitsunday Islands that are in close proximity to Hamilton Island.

Back on shore, the party schedule for Audi Hamilton Island Race Week 2012 will set new standards for what is a truly world class regatta. There will be more stunning fashion, delicious food, fine wine, wellbeing and camaraderie throughout the entire week.

Luxury carmaker, Audi, returns as the main partner for Race Week in 2012. The German premium brand will offer a range of high-end events on the island for yacht owners and guests to enjoy. 

Hamilton Island, Queensland with Whitsunday Is...Image via Wikipedia

Such is the status of Audi Hamilton Island Race Week that the America’s Cup made an appearance at the 2011 event, and the man who brought it to the island from San Francisco – America’s Cup legend of 30-years, Tom Ehman – returned home quite amazed by what he had experienced: ‘Audi Hamilton Island Race Week is the best kept secret in the world of yachting. The organisers of any major race week should look at how Hamilton Island makes this more than a sailing event: it’s also a social and cultural happening. Through resources, imagination and hard work it has really come into its own.’ 

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There you have it, even the top legends in the sport give the thumbs up for the yearly race event!
Who knows in the future it just may become a part of Hamilton Island culture!
It sure sound like lots of fun with plenty of fashion and top class food!
Who knows I just may see you there!
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