Thursday, June 2, 2011

Whales Migrate to The Great Barrier Reef

Cover of Whale (Eyewitness)Yes the Whales are about to Migrate to The Great Barrier Reef and I have just heard reports that  the first sightings have been seen off Sydney.
I wonder if the Whales know too that it' going to be an extra cold winter with snow already on the Snowy mountains!
Yes, it has been a little chilly even where I am on the Gold Coast 500 kilometers south of the Reef.

Record numbers of Whales especially Humpbacks are expected to travel north and I must say the Whale counters are super excited as they have new technology to count the heard as they travel north to warm tropical waters to give birth.
Many stop at Harvey Bay in the calm waters and some travel as far as the Whitsundays and Cairns!

Whale Video Great Barrier Reef

Swimming with Dwarf Minke Whales - Great Barrier Reef, Australia
Encounter with Dwarf Minke whales on Nimrod Explorer. These animal seem to love us. Check 00:35 - 00:50, it looks like waving to people! The last scene was just a meter from me!

What they are saying on Twitter

RT @ThalaBeachLodge: Humpback Whales Arrive on the Great Barrier Reef
By PortDouglas_Aus at 06/01/2011 14:14

Humpback Whales Arrive on the Great Barrier Reef
By ThalaBeachLodge at 06/01/2011 13:48

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