Monday, May 30, 2011

Great Barrier Reef Whale Watching Season

A Humpback whale (Megaptera novaeangliae), a m...Image via WikipediaThe Great Barrier Reef Whale Watching Season really is awesome!
I say this without exaggeration as I love to watch Whales anywhere in the world.
These majestic creatures really get a raw deal, but fortunately there are many now who oppose this and it seems that whale numbers are coming back!

Whale Watch Video Of Mackay!

Humpback Whale Triple Jump and Whale watching!! Reefari!! Whale jumped at least a dozen times, I only got three close up on Video of this Humpack. We had heaps of Humpback whales migrating north, with some playful whales jumping numerously of Scawfell island, Mackay Great Barrier Reef. A gre...

Check out what others have to say about this up coming season!

Cairns 2011 Whale Watching Season to start early
The first Humpback Whale of the 2011 Cairns Whale Watching Season has been spotted on Cairns' southern Great Barrier Reefs earlier this week (27 May 2011).
Publish Date: 05/27/2011 16:36

Bumper whale watching season tipped for Cairns – The Cairns Post ...
Bumper whale watching season tipped for CairnsThe Cairns PostREEF GOERS are in for a whale of a time this winter, with the first humpbacks spotted on the Great Barrier Reef weeks earlier than expected. A pod was spotted by Pro Dive ...
Publish Date: 05/26/2011 4:21

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